Exporting to Unreal Engine#

NeRF in Unreal Engine


NeRFStudio models can be used in Unreal Engine if they are converted to an NVOL file. NVOL is a new standard file format to store NeRFs in a fast and efficient way. NVOL files can be obtained from NeRFStudio checkpoints files (.ckpt) using the Volinga Suite.


Volinga Suite is not yet publicly available. If you are interested in converting your models to NVOL, sign up for the beta at volinga.ai.

Exporting your model to NVOL#

Currently NVOL file only supports Volinga model (which is based on nerfacto). You can train your model using the following command:

ns-train volinga --data /path/to/your/data --vis viewer

Once the training is done, you can find your checkpoint file in the outputs/path-to-your-data/volinga folder. Then, you can drag it to Volinga Suite to export it to NVOL.

Nvol export in Voliga Suite

Once the NVOL is ready, you can download it and use it in Unreal Engine.

NVOL ready to use