(Legacy Viewer) Local Server#

Note: this doc only applies to the legacy version of the viewer, which was the default in in Nerfstudio versions <=0.3.4. It was deprecated starting Nerfstudio version 1.0.0, where it needs to be opted into via the --vis viewer_legacy argument.

If you are unable to connect to https://viewer.nerf.studio, want to use Safari, or want to develop the viewer codebase, you can launch your own local viewer.

Installing Dependencies#

cd nerfstudio/viewer/app

Install npm (to install yarn) and yarn

sudo apt-get install npm
npm install --global yarn

Install nvm and set the node version Install nvm with instructions.

nvm install 17.8.0

Now running node --version in the shell should print “v17.8.0”. Install package.json dependencies and start the client viewer app:

yarn install

Launch the web client#

From the nerfstudio/viewer/app folder, run:

yarn start

The local webserver runs on port 4000 by default, so when ns-train is running, you can connect to the viewer locally at http://localhost:4000/?websocket_url=ws://localhost:7007


Engine node incompatible#

While running yarn install, you run into: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module.


Install nvm with instructions at instructions.

nvm install 17.8.0

If you cannot install nvm, try ignoring the engines

yarn install --ignore-engines