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SDFStudio is built on top of nerfstudio. It implements multiple implicit surface reconstruction methods including:

  • UniSurf

  • VolSDF

  • NeuS

  • MonoSDF

  • Mono-UniSurf

  • Mono-NeuS

  • Geo-NeuS

  • Geo-UniSurf

  • Geo-VolSDF

  • NeuS-acc

  • NeuS-facto

  • NeuralReconW

You can learn more about these methods here

Surface models in nerfstudio#

We intend to integrate many of the SDFStudio improvements back into the nerfstudio core repository.

Supported methods:

  • NeuS

  • NeuS-facto


If you use these surface based models in your research, you should consider citing the authors of SDFStudio,

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